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Turn yourself into a clam goddess with these style tips for hair up dos for prom nights. Of the many African-American hairstyles, twist is a popular style opted not only by... That's another variant of our simple fishtail side plait; it's simple albeit slightly messy. And thinking about getting those funky animé hairstyles? In ancient times, they were considered to be symbols of virility and manhood. Yes, whether your hair's curly or straight, you can make an easy bow from it. It is ideal for men who are on the brink of baldness, to shave their heads. Women style their hair in many ways. But earrings that don't complement your attire or hairstyle can either make or break the look. Just like a closet without that perennially comely Little Black Dress or that nonchalantly cool hooded sweatshirt feels wanting, a closet without a classic eye piece is totally unforgivable.

Thats my take-away from the 2016 Worlds Best Wine List awards , which were released Thursday. This is the third year for British publication World of Fine Wines annual restaurant wine list awards, which drew more than 4,500 entries from around the globe in 2016. Full disclosure: I was one of the seven senior judges who gave 817 of them one, two, or three stars.Guided by expertise rather than an official checklist, each judge picked his or her top three in each category, ranking them 1, 2, or 3 (the best).The numbers were tallied, and the lists with the most points won.The informal criteria that guided our assessments included diversity, quality of the wines, depth of vintages, and an individual stamp that marked the list as original and different in some way. More from Bloomberg.com: China Dumping More Than Treasuries as U.S. Stocks Join Fire Sale The number honored with three stars was 322 (up from 300 in 2015), and restaurants in 35 countries, including Taiwan, had at least one winner. The overall global winner is Robuchon au Dome at Hotel Lisboa, with its panoramic view of Macau, where you can sip one of 16,400 labels under its sparkly crystal chandelier and glass dome while dining on three-Michelin-starred contemporary French. Robuchon beat out Viennas grand Palais Coburg , the best European list, and New Yorks Eleven Madison Park , 2015s top award winner and the top list in North America (not to mention the No.3 best restaurant in the world ). Though a New York restaurant didnt take the best of the best honors, as it did last year , the Big Apple still cleaned up, with 46 lists in the top three-star category, not really that much of a surprise to those of us who live there.London, in the runner-up spot, was way behind with only 22. New this year was a category of five Winners Awards of top lists chosen by 2015s global winner, Eleven Madison Park in New York. Chef Daniel Humm and wine director Cedric Nicaise picked five with star quality. Only nine restaurants, including Robuchon, won the judges Best in the World awards. Here they are: Best Overall Wine List Winner: Robuchon au Dome at Hotel Lisboa Location: Macau This is a "wow" list that impresses with its depth of producers, vintages, regions, styles. Its more than 16,400 labels include all the greatest wines in the world, from Jacques Selosse single vineyard champagnes to 17 vintages of Domaine de la Romanee-Contis great white, Montrachet, to page after page of the best red Burgundy and Bordeaux.

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If flowers accentuate your hairstyle quotient, Hawaiian flowers styled in waves and bangs of hair is a great styling option for you. Growing beards is like growing a crop on a farm. Here are some tips to sport the best-suited look for those who don't like to grow their hair long. From more formal styles to... A good haircut could elevate your mood and make you look young, bright and energetic. Once the hair is completely dry, apply a bonding adhesive to the scalp and attach the hair weaves to the hair. Curls are definitely here to stay. Scroll down to know about the variations in the layered bob. Wondering what hairstyle you should wear for the wedding? Sounds exciting?