A Further Analysis Of Quick Solutions For Meals

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Topspin: Her three wins in 2016 came on clay at Madrid and Bucharest and on hard courts at Montreal, beating Madison Keys in the final. ... Her year began with injury issues when she was forced to withdraw from the Brisbane International with a left Achilles tendon problem. ... She finished a third straight season as a top-5 player, and credits some of her biggest improvements to work done with coach and former Australian player Darren Cahill. "I am more aggressive, but not crazy aggressive," she said during the Wuhan Open in September. ____ Major Titles: 1 -- French Open ('16) Last 5 Australian Opens: '16-3rd, '15-4th, '14-4th, '13-2nd, '12-Did not play. Topspin: The Venezuelan-born Muguruza captured her first Grand Slam singles title in 2016, beating Serena Williams in the French Open final ... Failed to capitalize on her success at Roland Garros, losing in the second round at both Wimbledon and the U.S.