A Guide To No-hassle Solutions For Tourists

Instead of folding your clothes, try neatly rolling them and stacking them in your suitcase. If you do this you will save a ton of room for more luggage. You can always unpack and fold the clothes once you are in your hotel. This will decrease how many luggage items you need.

bit.ly/2o4aiAd Author: Charley Locke. Charley Locke Photo Date of Publication: 04.03.17. Time of Publication: 8:00 am. 8:00 am 6 Epic Caving Instagrams Let You Spelunk From Your Desk Caving isnt for the faint at heart. While you might appreciate the vision of towering stalagmites or an underground lake, you might not enjoy crawling on your stomach through a tiny opening or traveling down a black hole several hundred feet to see it. Fortunately, theres a host of adventurous spelunkers hiking, rappelling, and diving their way through caves around the world. And they post it all to Instagram.


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