An In-depth Overview Of No-nonsense Systems Of Eating

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Expect the bites to be extensions of the drinks, incorporating many of the same ingredients. The concept was inspired by a visit Barzelay paid last year to Gen Yamamoto, an eight-seat cocktail tasting menu in Tokyo. "What I loved about Gen Yamamoto was you could see the whole process of the drink being made, right in front of you," Barzelay says. He identified strongly with Yamamoto's approach: entertainment, storytelling and creating dishes as guests watch -- which has a lot in common with how Barzelay serves dinner at Lazy Bear. LATEST SFGATE FOOD VIDEOS: Recipes and restaurants | GET BREAKING NEWS FIRST: Sign in for newsletters How much will the cocktail tasting cost? "Less than dinner at Lazy Bear" is all Barzelay will say for now. (Before drinks, tax and tip, a Lazy Bear dinner runs to $185 per person.) On the a la carte side, Barzelay says most drinks will be $12 to $15. But there will be outliers. Flowershop's a la carte menu will "have a more varied price point" than neighboring bars like Trick Dog, Barzelay says. For example, they may revive a Lazy Bear cocktail incorporating an expensive carrot eau de vie -- a drink that should, Barzelay says, cost $25. Lazy Bear veterans may recognize some resurrected menu items on the Flowershop a la carte menu, such as the tempura-fried maitake mushrooms with sour cream and alium dip. Flowershop won't be Barzelay's last move.