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For instance, she said it would be difficult for her to go to a food pantry and wait in line. Its very hard for me to ask for help, she said, explaining what works for one person doesnt work for everyone. She said her team travels to different communities, asking residents questions like Is it easy for you to use the SNAP benefit? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, once known as food stamps, offers assistance to low income residents, needy elderly and the working poor so they can afford better food choices. She revealed a word salad with different words and phrases that the team put together such as food is our common ground, food waste and healthy, but one word that Parker kept returning to was community. If you only think that food is about food, you miss a lot, she said. Good food is a basic right. Parker noted a chefs program at Project Bread. There are six chefs on staff that go to school cafeterias to work with those who prepare food and show them how to make the food tastier and more kid-friendly. While it may seem small, Parker said, When we eat differently, we live differently. At the end of her talk, Parker pledged to give a grant to UMass Dartmouths food pantry, Arnies Cupboard. Soon after Parker spoke, the innovation presentations began and Adam Davenport, co-founder of Terra Cura Inc. took to the podium to talk about urban agriculture in food security, specifically in New Bedford.