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You choose up to ten toppings from a list of 24, which makes anyone who selects plain old tomato and mozzarella a bit of a party pooper. The winning combo at our table the other night was potato, fig, Gorgonzola, honey, and peperoncino. The potatoes were softly cooked, the figs and honey nice counterpoints to the salty cheese. If the crust was a bit stiff and overly crunchy, it was still the best pizza weve ever had in a bookstore. 163 W. 10th St., nr. Seventh Ave. S.; 929-335-3168 Prices: $5 to $16.

Look For Classic Pieces Like Tennis Bracelets, Fine Chains With Heart Shaped Pendants, Or Elegant Hoop Earrings. 5.

There are several available. In many parts of the United States, thousands of labelled varieties of this shrub are cultivated, both in gardens and as potted indoor plants. You can also start with 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard and add more, adjusting to taste. 2 cup vinegar for every cup of lemon juice. If your bridal shower is being held at a fancy restaurant, you will have to serve dinner to your guests and if it is just at home, then finger foods will do just fine.