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VIDEO: Vera Wang's "It Was Paris From The Start" Fall 2017 Collection Video 5343295747001 It certainly helps when your backdrop is full of cute little cafes, narrow, cobblestone streets, and quaint homes and buildings; these women are living proof that you really can't take a bad photo out and about in Paris. Jeanne Damas - @jeannedamas As the founder of Rouje, Damas knows a thing or two about French fashion. The site itself reads as a shoppable Instagram feed, with each photo linking out to a products page so you effortlessly can copy Damas's Parisian style. Expect her Instagram to be flooded with PFW street style photos this next week. Louise Follain - @louisefollain The Jane Birkin look-a-like has that sort of French beauty found nowhere else but, well, in France. Something about those wide eyes and perfectly cut bangs could keep us scrolling for hours. Plus, we have a feeling she'll be attending many of this week's most exclusive shows-and Instagramming from the front row, of course. Ad?le Exarchopoulos - @adeleexarchopoulos You may recognize Exarchopoulos from the critically acclaimed 2014 film Blue Is the Warmest Color, in which she co-starred with fellow cool French girl, Lea Seydoux. She's kept a low profile since then, starring in just a few films and high-fashion ad campaigns like Louis Vuitton and sitting front row at the LV and Puma shows in PFW last year. Marie-Ange Casta - @marieangecasta The French model has been popping up at many fashion shows this week, and we're loving her front row look.

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