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Tips On How To Be A Dad

It is important for every man to understand that being a dad is not necessarily related to being the biological father of a child. It is more like how you act as a father figure to the child in question and how often the child is likely to look up to you before doing certain things. There is a higher chance that many times you do something to your child they are going to feel that this is the right thing to do and this can be translated to their behavior in the future. The first thing that you need to understand is if you have a daughter then the bond between you two is going to be stronger especially during the young ages but for Sons, the bones get stronger as the boys get older. In case you have always wondered how to make yourself the best father then you have to think about what exactly you need to do in order to strengthen the bond between you and your children. The first tip that you can use in order to become the best dad is to ensure that when you are interacting with your children you keep of technology for a while. It can be very traumatizing when your child is sharing some of their most traumatizing experiences or even their silly stories while you are glued to the phone and giving that an attentive gesture. What’s this is going to send to the child is that when someone is trying to talk about something very serious they can never be listened to. Instead, you should try to keep your phone off for a while and listen to what your child has to say and this is going to give them the reassurance that whatever they are saying to you is very important.

Sometimes your children might want to learn about some of the experiences you had as a child and most especially when you were their age. Remember the goal is not to make yourself the best child that ever lived since this might discourage your child especially if they cannot live up to your expectations. Try to share some of the experiences that you have while you were still there age and make sure that they are goofy enough. Some activities that you did which showed your mischief are likely to exert your children and they might feel more connected to you. Another tip to use to become the best dad is to ensure that you make out some time for your kids to play and even to have a chit-chat. Although this might sound a bit order especially if you always have a busy schedule to run the truth is that it is going to give you and your children the best of times to Bond. Sometimes you can act out the horse game where you become the horse and your children comfortably ride on your back. This is not only going to make your children more cooperative but they are also going to feel warm around you. Being so uptight is likely to discourage your children and they might never even find you good enough to open up to.

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